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Green Living promotes all aspects of sustainability in the Northwest. As the only City of Portland Recycle at Work Certified television station, KATU brings the latest Green Living developments to our viewers and backs up our commitment with a comprehensive recycling program. Watch KATU News and visit our Green Living page for ongoing Green Living coverage aimed at improving the quality of our environment and our lives.

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Inside KATU Green Living: Bad salads? Green Living: Bad salads? (Video)
A new article in the Washington Post says salads shouldn't be considered a staple any more; with much of the west suffering in a historic drought, we should reconsider popular salad ingredients heavy in water content.

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Inside KATU Green Living: Enduring Housing (Video)
Ankeny Row is a new group of condos in Southeast Portland. The designer and builder, Green Hammer, says these condos won’t need any major maintenance for the next hundred years.
Inside KATU Go green with GO Boxes (Video)
We love Portland's food cart pods, and one company has made a business of trying to make them a little more sustainable.
Inside KATU Harnessing the power of the Pacific (Video)
A new way to harness the power of the ocean from the bottom of the ocean was recently tested off the coast of Oregon. M3 Wave’s Mike Morrow deployed his wave-energy device, APEX, in about 50 feet of water.