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Who is your hero? KATU wants to recognize the "Everyday Heroes" in our community - ordinary people doing extraordinary things to make our neighborhoods a better place to live. Nominate your own "Everyday Hero."




Inside KATU Everyday Heroes: Babies in Need Everyday Heroes: Babies in Need (Video)
Hundreds of babies are born every month in Vancouver. Some of them are born to mothers who can't afford even the most basic of things such as clothes, blankets and diapers.
Inside KATU Everyday Hero: Mako Gedi Everyday Hero: Mako Gedi (Video)
She came to the U.S. 12 years ago unable to speak English and shy. Today Mako Gedi has overcome her challenges and taken a lead in making sure everyone at her school is prepared when disaster strikes.
Inside KATU Everyday Heroes: The Trey Foote Foundation Everyday Heroes: The Trey Foote Foundation (Video)
Trey Foote was just 17 when he lost his fight against cancer, but his life and battle left a lasting impression on many. Now the Trey Foote foundation is continuing his fight by helping to find a cure for childhood cancer.
Inside KATU My Little Waiting Room benefits many My Little Waiting Room benefits many (Video)
My Little Waiting Room is a free drop-in child-care center at Providence St. Vincent Medical Center has now seen 10,000 children and a second location may open this year.
Inside KATU Everyday Heroes: Jerry Turner Everyday Heroes: Jerry Turner (Video)
It's hard to find a boss who's incredibly well-liked by his employees, but we found him. Our Everyday Hero this week not only loves his job, he's using it and the struggles he's had to overcome, to give students a chance to succeed.
Inside KATU Everyday Heroes: John Griffin Everyday Heroes: John Griffin (Video)
John griffin created a group at Fort Vancouver High School aimed at turning troubled students into gentlemen and ladies and introducing them to the ways of the world beyond academics.
Inside KATU Everyday Heroes: Bridge Meadows Everyday Heroes: Bridge Meadows (Video)
Bridge Meadows is a three generation housing community consisting of adoptive homes for children who've languished in foster care. But that's not all. There are also apartments for elders 55 and older.
Inside KATU Everyday Heroes: Books Make It Better Everyday Heroes: Books Make It Better (Video)
We want to introduce you to Jen Barth – a local mother who discovered the power of children's books – and how she hopes to turn a family project into a nationwide effort.