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Who is your hero? KATU wants to recognize the "Everyday Heroes" in our community - ordinary people doing extraordinary things to make our neighborhoods a better place to live. Nominate your own "Everyday Hero."




Inside KATU Everyday Heroes: Helping homeless veterans Everyday Heroes: Helping homeless veterans (Video)
Mike Bryant and his wife Lacey Palmer are consumed with helping homeless veterans. They call their house of compassion Lacey's House. Its origin can be traced back to Lacey's father - a Vietnam vet.
Inside KATU Everyday Heroes: The Knit Wits (Video)
June Brannam was given a week to live after being diagnosed with throat cancer. Eight years later, Brannam is using her energy and skills to bring joy, hope and love to others when they need it the most.
Inside KATU Everyday Heroes: Harvesting Hope Everyday Heroes: Harvesting Hope (Video)
A simple idea based in the concept of sharing. One Portland woman's vision is filling the shelves of local food pantries with a staple most of us take for granted: fresh fruit.
Inside KATU Everyday Heroes: John and Kristi Scott Everyday Heroes: John and Kristi Scott (Video)
Every once in a while you meet someone who's doing something good because it's the right thing to do. John and Kristi Scott have no personal or family connection to ALS disease, but that doesn't matter.
Inside KATU Everyday Heroes: Duncan Campbell Everyday Heroes: Duncan Campbell (Video)
Campbell started Friends of the Children 19 years ago. A tough childhood in the same Northeast Portland neighborhood lit a fire in him to want to give back.