Everyday Heroes

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Who is your hero? KATU wants to recognize the "Everyday Heroes" in our community - ordinary people doing extraordinary things to make our neighborhoods a better place to live. Nominate your own "Everyday Hero."




Inside KATU Everyday Heroes: Northwest Health and Safety Everyday Heroes: Northwest Health and Safety (Video)
This couple works hand in hand with disabled members of the community - to give them a freedom that some of us might take for granted. And with a little hard work, they've made a lot of people very happy.
Inside KATU Everyday Heroes: James Redden Everyday Heroes: James Redden (Video)
Overlook Park’s baseball field wasn’t much to look at not long ago but thanks to James Redden baseball is back and in full swing at the field.
Inside KATU Everyday Heroes: Busy Bees Everyday Heroes: Busy Bees (Video)
Once a month in the back room of a Southeast Portland church you will find a group of people who call themselves the Busy Bees. They take discarded Barbies and refurbish them.