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Lincoln Graves
Lincoln Graves
Lincoln joined the KATU news team in May 2011. He comes to Portland from Boise, Idaho, where he worked as morning anchor at KIVI. Prior to that he was the main evening anchor at KTVM in Bozeman, Montana. Living and working in Portland has always been a goal for him and he’s thrilled to finally plant his feet in the Pacific Northwest.

Originally from Salt Lake City, Lincoln graduated from the University of Utah in 2001 with a degree in broadcast journalism. After graduation he took a four year break from “real life.” He worked as a tour bus driver and bellman in Montana’s Glacier National Park for four summers. In the winters, he took different seasonal positions in Winter Park, Colorado and Big Sky, Montana. He also spent six months living and working in Mt. Cook National Park on New Zealand’s south island.

Whether it’s snowboarding in the winter or hiking and backpacking in the summer, Lincoln can usually be found in the Great Outdoors when he’s not working.

If you have a story idea for Lincoln, he’d love to hear from you. Email him at

Recent stories by Lincoln Graves

Business RESTART Sugar Detox: Day 21
I did it. It’s done. My sugar detox is over. Courtney Cronk came on the morning show to talk me through the steps I should take after a detox. You can watch that interview below. To conclude this blog I just want to share a few thoughts.
Business RESTART Sugar Detox: Day 20
I lack imagination when it comes to food. When it comes to making it for myself, I usually choose the easiest route. Frozen TV dinners used to be my meal of choice. It’s just a lot easier to take a complete dinner out of the freezer and nuke it for 3 minutes.

I’ve gotten a bit better over the years. I can cook some mean scrambled eggs. Hamburgers and turkey burgers are no problem on a George Foreman Lean Mean Grilling Machine. I’m also a good baker, but I shouldn’t discuss too much of that when I’m blogging about a sugar detox.
Business RESTART Sugar Detox: Day 19
Day 19 is in the books. Just two more days to go.

I think now is the time to be honest with folks. While I do have a very strong sweet tooth, I had another reason for agreeing to this detox. I wanted to lose some weight.

I’ve never had a big struggle with weight issues. I’ve always had a pretty fast metabolism. On top of that, I’ve been pretty active for the past 20 years. It’s kept me relatively slim.
Business RESTART Sugar Detox: Day 18
I normally wait until the end of the day before blogging about my detox. But I wanted to get this one out early.

We had Jaclyn Watson on our show this morning. She’s a nutritional therapist and transformational coach in Portland. She specializes in helping people meet their dietary goals.
Business RESTART Sugar Detox: Day 17
Let’s talk about kombucha.

I first heard about this drink several years ago. I think I tried a sip of it back then and didn’t think too much of it. It wasn’t amazing. It wasn’t disgusting. But I did write it off as the kind of beverage Portland hipster vegans would drink.
Business RESTART Sugar Detox: Day 16
I’ve had a pretty easy time on most of this detox. If I was missing one kind of food there was another kind I liked just as much. But now I’ve run into a problem. I’d like some protein powder that doesn’t taste like chalk.

I’m definitely no body builder. But I like to have a protein shake after a workout. Before this detox I didn’t give much thought to what was in my protein powder. I’m pretty sure I saw one brand recommended in a men’s health magazine and I just went with that.
Business RESTART Sugar Detox: Day 15
Just when I think I can resist any sugary temptation put before me, my willpower gets severely tested.

I went to see Rodgers & Hammerstein’s Cinderella at the Keller Auditorium last night. I love going to the theater. I also love getting refreshments during intermission. Sometimes it’s a glass of wine. At other times it’s a chocolate chip cookie.
Business RESTART Sugar Detox: Day 14
I’ve got one week to go on this sugar detox.

While it’s not over yet, I can say that I’ve been very successful. I’ve stayed away from nearly all kinds of sugar. I’ve stayed away from nearly all kinds of carbs. My palate has even adjusted. Things that didn’t seem sweet to me before suddenly do. But there’s one thing I’m still not happy with: unsweetened coffee.
Business RESTART Sugar Detox: Day 13
Eggs, turkey, avocado.

I’m pretty sure those are my three favorite foods on this detox. I have a good portion of each one of those foods every day. On some days, I probably have more than I should.
Business RESTART Sugar Detox: Day 10
We all have our favorite snacks and foods. Unfortunately, some favorites are tossed into the garbage on a sugar detox.

For instance, I love granola bars. I used to pack one in my lunch every day. I wouldn’t classify all granola bars as unhealthy, but for the purposes of a sugar detox they just aren’t allowed. Most are loaded with sugar and carbohydrates.
Business RESTART Sugar Detox: Day 8
I’m often surprised at which stories of mine get the biggest reaction from viewers.

Sometimes I’ll report on something I really care about. I get excited about how viewers will respond. More often than not, there’s little response. Something I really cared about didn’t resonate with most.

I didn’t really know what to expect with this detox.

At other times I’ll work on a story that I don’t really care for. I do the best job I can but it’s not necessarily a topic or story I’m interested in. Inevitably, I’ll get a huge response from viewers.
Business RESTART Sugar Detox: Day 7
I did it. I made it through one full week of this detox.

I wouldn’t say it’s been difficult. I’ve had some delicious food that genuinely tastes good. But it has been slightly annoying.
Business RESTART Sugar Detox: Day 6
I think I need some carbs.

Courtney Cronk’s RESTART Sugar Detox is all about kicking the sugar addiction. That includes a lot of carbohydrates, which can behave like sugar in the body. But she certainly isn’t saying all carbohydrates are bad.
Business RESTART Sugar Detox: Day 5
I woke up this morning excited to make the pancakes I’ve been going on and on about for the past few days. Then it hit me. I had left some of the ingredients at work. I had no cinnamon or almonds.

This saddened me more than it probably should have. I was hungry and I didn’t really want to leave the apartment. I was about to make myself some scrambled eggs when I realized I had almond butter. Someone had mentioned it was great on pancakes. So I gave it a try. It was delicious. Breakfast has always been my favorite meal of the day and now I look forward to it more than ever.
Business RESTART Sugar Detox: Day 4
Four full days into this detox and I’m still feeling pretty good. But I did have a few challenges.

The morning started out well. I decided to show viewers how to make pancakes using just eggs and an underripe banana as batter.