Life Absolutes- Thee Instruction Manual For Life

September 12, 2007

Life ABSOLUTES~ Thee Instruction Manual For Life is about Karen LaVoie, the author, sharing the details of the ‘Laws of Life’. One night screaming out at God and demanding to be taken off the planet or be given answers the TRUTH came flooding in! —that was the moment of “letting go” for Karen.

What is shared in this book saved her life! LaVoie takes you through the truthful, simple, concise and precise steps of how the ‘Laws of Life’ work in complete, thorough details for daily use. She gives you a formula to refer to and use moment to moment. LaVoie reveals “new” information and clears up the misunderstanding about where your power comes from and how you use it to manifest and or attract the world you are living in right now.

You are the master of your world! How are you doing? This book gives you the formula and tools to live in complete joy, happiness and abundance in your daily life. It also gives you the foundation, examples and “know-how” to take charge of your life again, whether it is in your relationship with yourself or others, your total health and wellness, your freedom of time, your financial freedom, your career enjoyment and success and or your spiritual wholeness—YOUR ABUNDANCE IN LIFE…well being.
By using these ‘Life Laws’ you will start living the life you were meant to instead of the life everyone has told you, you were supposed to. You will once and for all be able to fulfill your dreams and purpose in life as soon as you start reading this book and applying and living…Life ABSOLUTES the laws of life.

Also available as an audio book--

Audio Book: 7 Audio CDs with over 8 hours of INSPIRING and POWERFUL truths to help you transform YOUR Life!

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