"Princess Zelda & the Frog"

Once upon a time there was a princess named Zelda. Our princess has a problem: try as she might, she can’t get a good night’s sleep! After receiving advice that fresh air will do her good, she heads outside in her finest dress, with her favorite golden ball. She tosses her ball up in the air and it lands—SPLAT!—in the mud. But everyone knows: princesses don’t go in the mud! How will she ever get back her favorite ball? Then just in time, along comes an ugly, disgusting frog who will help her. In return, Zelda must promise to be his best friend forever! But this is one vexing frog: He expects her to make good on her inconvenient promise of friendship. With her mother’s reminders ringing in her doggy ears, Zelda discovers that promises kept are not only important, but may lead to wonderful, unexpected outcomes.

Internationally known superstar Zelda makes her royal debut in a re-imagining of a classic fairy tale about a princess who discovers you can’t judge a castle by its moat, a princess by her tiara, or even a frog by his ribbets in the children's book Princess Zelda and the Frog.
When author Carol Gardner divorced her husband, she was told to “get a therapist, or get a dog.” Carol chose the latter. Since winning a Christmas card contest featuring Zelda dressed up as Santa Claus, Carol and Zelda have gone on to create a series of gift books and novelty items called “Zelda Wisdom,” which includes everything from cookies to costumes, key chains, magnets, and more.

Today Carol was joined on set by King Sour-Mug and the Frog Prince. Zelda wasn't able to join us today but she is an English bulldog and a true celebrity. She is also the official “spokesdog” of Delta Society Pet Partners, a program dedicated to the human-animal healing bond, and is a certified therapy dog who works with children with learning disabilities.


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