Preventing Knee Injuries

Alex Molden, a Youth Speed and Agility Specialist and Former NFL Football player, (He played a total of nine years for the Saints, the Chargers and the Lions)  joined us today with easy exercises we can all do to keep our knees injury-free!

Here is a brief outline of what Alex talked about:

  • Before jumping into any sport, start with a dynamic warm-up ( this can drastically reduce injuries for dynamic sports like basketball and soccer)
  • Use the gluteus maximus & minimus (the buttocks) to prevent knee injuries. (See exercise suggestions below)
  • How you land when jumping is very important (the knee and hips are suppose to be aligned and  the glutes and hamstrings can act as shock absorbers)

The exercises that will help keep your knees safe and strong are:

  • Glute bridges
  • Wall sits (this is also a good exercise to help you when landing from a jump)
  • Single leg strength exercises
  • Forward/backward & lateral band walks
  • Stationary lunge
  • Practice keeping your knees and hips in line when jumping  off a step

For more information about Alex, visit his blog.


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