How to Get your Kids Moving


Once school starts, it can be tricky for kids -- especially those who are not in team sports -- to find time for the hour of exercise they need everyday.

Our fitness expert, Beth Oliver, joined us with some strategies to help us help our kids get moving.

This is what Beth has to say:

 Kids from toddlers to teens need about 60 minutes of activity daily to stay healthy.  So how do you pack that into a busy schedule, and what about kids who aren’t naturally inclined to team sports?  Here are a few hints to help:

1. First and foremost…. encourage, facilitate and participate in active play from a very early age.  Focus on fun and family.

2. Choose appropriate age based activities.
    a. 3-5 basic motor skills
    b. 6-8 teamwork, simple rules, basic skills rather than complex rules or strategy.
    c. 9-12 experiment with team sports and individual sports, as well as other activities.

3. Honor your child’s natural inclination.
    a. Plays for fun and to be involved and social.
    b. Considers him/herself an athlete.
    c. Not Interested at all?
        i. First, do some investigating…are they shy, scared, maybe just afraid that they don’t have the right gear. 
        ii. Consider individual sports and movement arts.
        iii. Don’t forget other activities like skating, hiking, swimming, jump rope, horseback riding, scouts, yoga and theater.  
        iv. Set some parameters around activity and have a STRATEGY to make it happen!
        v. Take advantage of teachable moments to talk about the value of other life skills:  finishing what you start, doing your best, respecting other people’s talents and skills, sportsmanship, meeting expectations.

4. Remember that there is a correlation between self esteem and making good choices about yourself.  Include nutrition, sleeping right and being active in those conversations.

5. As a side note, the CDC report from 2008 states that 31%of children and teens in the U.S. are overweight and 16% are obese.


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