Tips to Help You Hear "You're Hired!"

Career Coach Rhonda Sciortino, author of the book From Foster Care to Millionaire, joined us to share a few tips to help you land the job you want or need. Sciortino knows what employers want-- she has built two multi-million dollar businesses employing over a hundred employees and now coaches individuals on how to achieve their goals including how to land their dream job in any environment.  Here's her 5 "get hired fast" tips:

  • Use social media:  Create a personal website or social networking page (such as Facebook or LinkedIn) in which you showcase who you are and what you do well.  Include a photograph, a brief biography, comments from business and personal references, and any other information that would appeal to your target employer. Know the #1 mistake you don't want to make on your social media sites.
  • Just say NO to a high salary:  Be willing to prove yourself by taking a salary lower than what you are worth for a specified period of time.  Talk about what you would like to be paid at the end of that time if you’ve achieved what you promised, and if you have not performed, leave with no appeals for additional chances or drama of any kind.  This reduces the risk to the employer by taking some of the risk yourself.
  • Make the call that matters:  DO NOT ask the employer to call you if interested.  They will probably not call because they’re too busy, too stressed out, or too tired.  State that you will call them on a specific date and time.  You may want to make this early in the morning or late in the afternoon.  Your best chances of reaching the owner may be on a Friday.
  • Know the latest news on your target company:  Present a personal letter to the owner or CEO of the employers where you want to work.  Include the most up to date details not commonly known from researching their products and services, the industry, their competition and management. To get this latest, inside news, set up google alerts and follow the latest industry bloggers.
  • Show your numbers: If you can truthfully do so, describe examples of when you have accomplished good results for an employer.  Be as specific as you can and focus on measurable results you have achieved. Then you can say you have been able to accomplish these results due to your education, experience, talents, and skills.

A business owner for over 20 years, and author of From Foster Care To Millionaire, Career Coach, Rhonda Sciortino, says, "A job seeker must convince the business owner that not only is he qualified to do the job, but that there is no risk in giving you a chance to prove your ability to get the job done."

Do you have the top traits all employers want?  Employers want good workers who are loyal and genuinely care about the efficiency and profitability of the company.

  •   Can you show examples of resiliency where you have quickly shifted from fear to coping?
  •   Can you demonstrate you are resourceful, assertive, tenacious and persistent?
  •   Have you had to adapt to different personalities or environments and learned how to 'read' people?

What employers don't want in an employee:  Employers don't want employees who:

  •   Waste time playing on the internet, texting, or on personal phone calls
  •   Make mistakes that affect productivity due to distractions caused by personal problems
  •   Lack the drive to do a good job for the sake of the good feeling that results from a job well done
  •   Expect work to provide a social life or support group

For more information, visit Rhonda's website.


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