Work in a Workout with Pumpkins

Our Favorite fitness expert, Beth Oliver, found fun ways to get our families moving during the Halloween season.

Here are Beth's hints: 
• First of all, make picking out your pumpkins a family outing.  Whether you go to the store or a pumpkin patch, make it something that you do together. A stroll through a pumpkin patch is a great way to get outside, get some fresh air, move your bodies and create a good family memory.
• Pick out pumpkins of varying size and shapes.  When you get home, play a game of pumpkin pick-up before you carve your pumpkins. 
• I’ll give you a few examples, but the fun is really in letting your kids make up their own pumpkin exercises. There isn’t any right or wrong. And of course, I love the combined benefit of movement and creativity! 
• If you are really industrious, you could create an obstacle course in your yard with hay bales, pumpkins and whatever other creepy things you can think of.

Pumpkin Squat and Press
• Stand with feet wide, pumpkin between your feet. 
• Bending knees lift up your pumpkin to chest height,
• push pumpkin overhead
• and then bend your knees to put pumpkin back down.

Scarecrow Push Up
• Put your hands on top of two pumpkins placed chest width apart.
• Extend body long on knees or balls of feet. 
• Bend elbows to lower body
• and then extend to start position.

Halloween Hop Over
• Place pumpkins on the floor in any configuration. 
• Hop sideways over your pumpkins
• and then reverse.




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