Chef Tse's Culinary Tips

Do you know the best way to store herbs or the fastest way to peel garlic?  Chef Tse stopped by our studios today to share her favorite culinary tips!

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Here are Chef Tse's tips:

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Fresh Herbs
Adding fresh herbs to dishes brings flavor and color. To keep herbs such as parsley, basil and cilantro fresher longer, treat them like flowers. Cut about an inch from the bottom of the stems and place the herbs in a couple inches of water. Change the water every other day and store them in the refrigerator or on the counter. They’ll keep up to 7 days.

Garlic Shoots
I cook with a lot of garlic because I love the flavor. Before you add to a dish, cut the garlic in half lengthwise. If there’s a green shoot inside, remove it with the tip of your knife. It contains a lot of the bitter compounds, causes bad breath and can even cause indigestion.

Chopping Garlic
Garlic presses are a uni-tasker – they only perform one job in the kitchen. And I think they’re hard to clean. Instead, smash the garlic between your cutting board and the flat side of a chef’s knife. It’s faster than using a press.

Don’t throw your leftovers out! Instead, use a vacuum seal machine and freeze them. I like to make big batches of recipes and then freeze the leftovers. That way when I don’t feel like cooking, I just drop the vacuum bag into a pan of simmering water for about 10 minutes and dinner is served. Hows that for fast food?

Mise en Place
This term is French for everything in its place. When you make a dish, have everything measured and chopped before you start cooking. It makes cooking easier and faster.

Keeping Spices
Do you have spices lurking in your cupboard that are a couple years old? Get rid of them! As spices age, they loose their delicate flavors. Keep ground spices for up to 6 months and whole spices up to a year. Instead of buying a whole container, buy just what you need in the bulk section. It saves you money and the spices are usually fresher.

Keeping Oil
The enemy to all oils is light and heat. I know it’s convenient to keep your olive oil container next to the stove, but it can go rancid faster. Instead, keep oils in dark containers in a pantry or cupboard.

Looking for a way to reduce salt in your diet? Try using fresh spices, lemon juice or fresh herbs. These ingredients can take the place of salt and brighten the flavors of your food.


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