Winter Organic Gardening

Wondering what’s hot on the winter gardening scene? Carl Grimm from the Metro Natural Gardening program joined us to share a few sizzling tips to keep your winter garden growing healthy and strong.

Organic food gardens are all the rage - now’s the time to plant garlic
Plant fat, healthy-looking garlic cloves from the farmer’s market or nursery
Put them about 3 inches deep and 5 inches apart and harvest in spring or summer
Pile on the leaves now for free fertilizer in early spring, and chemical-free weed control all winter

Take it easy on the turf – no need for weed and feed!
Just say “no” to weed and feed – it’s toxic to kids and pets
To feed your lawn, simply mulch mow; if there’s a thin layer of fall leaves, no worries – mulch them too
Otherwise, wait ‘til early spring to renovate and overseed for terrific, nontoxic turf

Least-toxic slug control is now the norm
Pet- and kid-safe iron phosphate baits are now in all the stores – use them, not the ones with toxic metaldehyde or meta-anything on the label
For a totally chemical-free approach, go out at night with a flashlight, scissors or tweezers and a jar of soapy water, or pay your kids a nickel a slug to do so

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