Stop the Holiday Stress

Stress is a choice.  This year make a commitment to make a choice that creates less stress.  Psychotherapist and life coach Didi Zahariades, MA, joined us with these tips:

Choice #1: Be on Time or Be Late
Make a Decision to Be On Time for the next 35 Days
  •  Running late is stressful!
  • If you are a late person most likely you are doing too much!
  • Saying No will be reflected in your punctuality.
  • Slow down at the beginning of each hour and ask yourself, “Is what I’m doing necessary?”
Choice #2: Be Perfect or not Be Perfect
Let Go of the Need for Perfection
  • Why do you need to be Martha Stewart?  Break the Pattern this year!
  • Consider Who are you making it perfect for? The kids. Your siblings, Co-workers, Your mother, Your Boss, etc.
  • Set realistic goals; learn when to Quit!
  • There is no reward in being everything to everyone
Choice #3: Say Yes or Say No
Learn to Say NO; literally 
  • It is OK to say No.
  • Practice the ‘pause’ before making a commitment.
  • Set boundaries for your family.
  • Remove “I’m so stressed” from your vocabulary!
Choice #4: Spend Time on You or Time on “It”
Spend Quality Time on You
  •  Take time to Get Ready & Feel Good about Your Reflection…How often does everything look great but you?
  • Give Yourself 30 minutes of personal time EVERY day; No excuses.
  • Put your exercise schedule on the calendar.
  • Give yourself Permission to Have Fun!

For more information, visit Didi's website.


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