The Power of Reflection

There are many benefits to a quiet, meditative mind.  Life Coach Stephanie Somanchi, MBA PhD explained how creating space for true reflection in your day will allow you to move with strength, peace and confidence towards your full potential. 

The buzz of an over-thinking mind and constant analysis can rob us of clarity.  A mind that is too busy can make you feel like you’re going crazy!  These steps will take you from thinking too much to the power of real reflection.

1. Pause for Reflection
Multi-tasking often leads to crazy-over-thinking mind.  To gain from a quiet, reflective mind, it is vital to take pause in the day and find the present moment.  Trying to listen to your core-voice while checking email, driving, listening to your children, or finishing your work-report is not the path to reflection space.  A brief pause of 15 minutes is great!

2.  Thinking vs. Reflection
Take note of the difference between "thinking" and "reflection.”:

• Thinking is just spinning in your head, making lists and rehashing events.

• Reflection is to pose core questions:  "What is this about for me?"  "Why am I doing this?"  "What do I want?"  "What is my body saying to me?" and waiting for your wise core-voice to answer. 

3.  No Pressure - Just Questions
Reflection must be done without pressure for an answer.  Your job is to simply ask the questions and listen for the answers.  Perhaps you will receive an answer on that day or perhaps it will come at another time.  (But, trust me it will come!) 

4.  Consistency
A daily consistent practice of reflection is vital to gaining the full benefits.  Consistency, openness and listening are the vital steps to hearing the wisest part of you.  You move from mere thinking and to true reflection.


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