Stop Being Your Own Worst Critic!

Psychotherapist and Life Coach Didi Zahariades joined us with simple tips to change that negative little voice in our heads.  Self-talk is the idiot conversation that occurs in our head and tells us what we "should" be doing which is usually partnered with mean-stuff which often pops into our head when we see our reflection in the mirror. 

It is time to put you in a better place each the start of each day.  A positive introspection which can change our self-talk and in turn change our day! It begins with this question:  What are 3 positive words to describe you?  Typically it is very tough for a person to come up with 3 words quickly and if he/she does it becomes uncomfortable because it feels like bragging or being too self-involved.  But don’t you talk to yourself daily anyway?  And if so, what do you say?  Would you say that to your child or best friend?

Use the word S.E.L.F. to change your self-talk this month:

  • STOP:  stop saying means things to you!  Use a mental stop sign to put an end to your negative self-talk.  The law of attraction states:  what you focus on will grow; like attracts like.  In turn, what you truly believe on the inside will eventually manifest on your outside.  STOP saying mean things and START saying kind things about you. This begins by selecting three nice, simple words today to describe you.  Use these 3 words each time you look in the mirror.
  • ENERGY:  Do a self-check on your energy level.  Often part of our negative self-talk is due to stress, being over-worked, tired, etc.  Ask you:  How is my energy?  Review the answer.  Consider what you have done to increase your energy (healthy food, exercise, sleep) and what you have done to decrease your energy (lack of sleep, increase in stress, no exercise).
  • LAUGH:   This is a daily goal you can achieve!  Learn to laugh at yourself and lighten up!  Let go of the need to be so self-contained, as adults we need laughter to enable us to live in the moment.  Check in daily to see if you have brought laughter into your life or did you miss the opportunity because you were too focused on something else?
  • FACTS:  Make sure your self-talk is fact focused.  If your self-talk is fact based it eliminates your negative opinion.  Facts are typically more Friendly and Forgiving than the personal opinion you may be using as a basis.  Often our self-talk is exaggerated and unkind.

For more information, visit Didi's website.


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