Etiquette for Teens



If you've all but given up on your kids learning good manners, Local Etiquette Expert Melanie Perko saved the day with her simple tips.



A Proper Greeting:


  • Look the person in the eye
  • Shake hands with your thumb up and 2 pumps
  • Repeat the person's name outloud to help you remember it
  • Make conversation by asking a question



A Proper Table Setting:

  • Remember BMW -- B is for bread plate on the left, M is for Meat (or entree) in the middle, W is for water glass on your right.
  • The fork and napkin go on the left and are married (always together)
  • The Knife and Spoon go on the right
  • Put the napkin on your lap when you sit down

A Two-Sentence Thank You Note:

  • First sentence -- refer to what the gift was
  • Second sentence --  take a stab at humor and tell about what you did with the gift

Cell Phone Rule:

  • Just like chewing gum, texting and talking on the cell phone should be done in private!


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