Romance Tips from a Romance Novelist

Delilah Marvelle, author of the romantic Scandal series which includes Prelude to a Scandal, Once Upon a Scandal and, out in March, The Perfect Scandal had tips for guys for romancing their gal on Valentine's Day and the rest of the year!

7 Romance Tips for Men

Romance, as defined in the dictionary and by women, is as an ardent, emotional attachment between two people.   Note that it isn’t defined as a physical attachment, but as an emotional one.   Being a “true” romantic requires a man to tap into what his wife or his girlfriend means to him OUTSIDE of the physical.  So here are 7 tips on how men can better tap into their inner romantic.

Tip 1:   The art of romance is about rekindling the emotional attachment you take for granted.  You know that you love her, heck, you tell her that all the time, but what have you done to SHOW her that you love her?  And how often do you do it?  Try to understand where you fall short in that respect and then fix it.

Tip 2:  Cuddle with her when she least expects it.  Grab her hand when you’re walking down the street.  Reach over and touch her knee or her cheek whenever you are near each other, either in a restaurant, the car or even at home on the couch.  Sweep up her hand and kiss it, then turn her palm upward and kiss her wrist instead of saying “I love you.”  Be spontaneous and creative in your affection.  Don’t wait until you both climb into bed.  She’ll expect that.  But she won’t expect  those random, romantic gestures that will put a smile on her face every time you do it.

Tip 3:  Pamper her without getting sexual.  Strip away the physicality of your relationship by offering her forms of pampering she wouldn’t expect.  Like offer to paint her toenails for her.  Even if you get nail polish all over her feet, she’ll cherish knowing the effort you put in for HER, and that it wasn’t about sex.

Tip 4:  Surprise her with a love letter.  Not an email or a text you create on the run between work and the gym.  Sit down and take 10 minutes out of your day to write a hand written letter to her.  Then randomly mail it to her when she least expects it.  Hand written letters delivered by mail are a rare thing these days and putting a personal touch on something meant only for her will mean EVERYTHING to her.

Tip 5:  Plan a “no interference” date.  Meaning no kids, no cell phones, no computers, no TVs, no movie theatres and no guests.  The date should focus on you and her and all the time and conversation you both miss from day to day because of all those interferences.  It’s about quality.

Tip 6:  Mark additional special days to celebrate each other outside of Valentine’s Day, birthdays and your anniversary.  There are a total of 365 in the year.  You love her the rest of the year outside of those birthdays and anniversaries, don’t you?  Of course you do!  So add additional special days.   Like celebrating your first kiss.  Can’t remember when it was?  Agree on a date and celebrate it in a special way that makes it fun for both of you.

Tip 7: Read a romance novel.  Seriously!!  There’s a reason why women love to read romance novels.  It’s because  there are pages and pages of….what?  You got it.  ROMANCE.   She doesn’t read romance books for the sex.  She gets the sex from you, doesn’t she?  She reads it in order to experience the thrill of a new relationship.  And that’s something every man can learn from.  How can he learn to make his relationship new? 


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