Choosing the Right Makeup Colors

Makeup Artist and Stylist, Kendra Stanton, joined us today to tell us why using our eye color to pick out makeup colors can help us put our best face forward:

Everyone wants their eye color to stand out and “pop”.  Eyes are such a beautiful point of the face why not choose colors to really show them off?  Whether you like bold colors or more neutral colors, you can always find something to bring out the best in your eyes no matter what your style. You can do this by choosing colors complimentary or opposite in the color wheel.  In addition to choosing the correct eye colors, pay attention to the color of your skin. Are you more fair, medium, or dark? Dependent on the color of your skin you can use these colors in different shades. For example: Brown eyes with dark brown skin can pull off an Indigo blue eye liner better than someone with pale skin and brown eyes. If you put Indigo blue on someone with pale skin it would take over the eye color instead of complimenting it.

With all of that said, everyone looks different in different colors!  If you know something looks terrible on you, DON’T WEAR IT!  If you are afraid to try something new, try it anyway -- you might find that it looks great! (But ask for a second opinion, just to be sure).

Green eyes:


  • Shadow: pink, peach, gold, warm browns, bronze, dark brown, charcoal, violet
  • Eyeliner Liner: warm brown, black brown, sea foam green, navy
  • Lipstick and blush: pink, peach, coral, red
  • Mascara: brown black, blue black


  • Shadow: silver, any shade of blue, grey, yellow, green
  • Eyeliner: black
  • Lipstick: mauve, rust


Blue eyes:


  • Shadow: Bronze, pink, peach, gold, warm browns, copper, purple
  • Eye Liner: Navy, Warm brown, dark brown, Indigo blue,
  • Lipstick and Blush: Fuscia, light pink, peach, Coral


  • Shadow: baby blue, any shade of green, rust
  • Eye liner: anything with a red tint, black
  • Lipstick and Blush:  mauve, mocha


Brown Eyes: (have lots of options!)


  • Shadow: shades of blue, shades of green, shades of purple, bronze, pinks
  • Eye Liner: Indigo blue, Navy, black, dark brown, black
  • Lipstick and blush: pale pink, rose, bright pink, red, coral, violet


  • Shadow: peach
  • Eyeliner: light brown
  • Lipstick and blush: orange peach


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