Decompress Your Hectic Life

Mindful living includes learning to live in the present moment, which can be especially difficult while juggling work, family and friendships.  Self-esteem coach Laure Redmond, author of Feel Good Naked, joined us with seven easy decompression steps that will make a positive difference in your relationships, while also providing peace of mind.

  1. Take 10 Meditative Breaths:  Imagine you're breathing in light and calm and exhaling anxiety. This will immediately relax your nervous system and make you feel grounded.
  2. Choose Flow instead of Force:  Instead of forcing things into your life by always needing to be in control, practice going with the flow and letting go, while leading with your heart instead of your mind.
  3. Go on a Double Date:  When four people socialize and share stories and realities, everyone feels less stressed by their own life events and daily hassles.
  4. Practice Uni-Tasking:  Do just one thing at a time. Have a phone conversation without checking your email or surfing the net. Chop vegetables while noticing their color and texture. Sip a tall beverage and notice the sensation each time you swallow.
  5. Create a Workout Club instead of a Book Club:  Groups hold you accountable ~ whenever you add physical activity to your life, you: boost your mood, manage your weight, lower disease risks, increase your energy levels and sleep better.
  6. Make a Love List:  When overwhelm hits and glass half-empty thinking takes over, i.e., "everything in my life is difficult", make a quick list of all the things you love: I love that my husband makes soup, I love my flannel sheets, I love my dog ... This helps you realize that things are better than you thought.
  7. Set Virtual Boundaries:  Create a kind "away" message on your email or voice mail that explains "I will get back to you when I can. Thank You for your patience". It's important to understand that saying not now isn't selfish ~ it's self-preserving.

For more information on creating a healthier mind/body connection, visit Laure's website.


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