Think with Your Heart, Not with Your Head

Psychotherapist and Life Coach Didi Zahariades joined us to talk about the concept of "Think with Your Heart, Not with Your Head."  She says it's based on the ability to trust your intuition and ignore the intellect, emotion, fear and wishful thinking which may be a regular habit.  Didi goes on to day that thinking with your heart cuts out all these routine processes of thought and leaps straight from the problem to the answer.

Here's how to do it:

  1. Have Faith in You.  This will require practice to believe in you over friends, family and opinion’s you typically request.  This is also less comfortable for those around you.
  2. THINK with your Heart not Feel with it.   The feeling is when people get caught up in the emotions of decisions; this leads to over-thinking and circular thinking.  If your thoughts were straight from your heart (or intuition) instead of patterned circular thinking you would have resolved the habitual issue or problem ages ago.
  3. Stick with the Facts.  The facts are part of your internal intuition, but become skewed when you add in unrelated facts or proceed with false information as if it is true.  Thus scaring you into paralysis.  For example:  ‘I have 10lbs to lose.’  Heart supportively says:  "I can really do this!  I will say no to Saturday obligations and set a menu for the week to eat healthy."  Head says:  "Wait… Slow down…You already have two things on Saturday; last time you set a menu the family didn’t like it; Susan did great on her last diet, you should talk to her."  End result:  No immediate action and the belief it will not work.
  4. Lack of Action; the direct opposite of intuition.   Thinking, “I just should be able to do this!”  Or “Why do I keep having this same problem?”    Your head acts by scaring you and increasing your fear of failure.  (A comfortable and memorable spot for many of us.)  When you are scared you lapse into paralysis and the result is no action.   
  5. Requires Personal Space and Quiet Time daily. This can be as brief as 2 minutes. To think with your heart you must have personal calm and wellness.  Quiet Time will help to decrease your stress and burnout.  Regular practice will allow you to get to this sense of calm in actual time of crisis.

For more helpful information and articles, visit Didi's website.


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