Suze Orman on the NEW American Dream

For generations, the "American Dream" worked: You could expect to own a home that would increase in value; to put your children through college; to own a car, maybe two; and you looked forward to a retirement that would come early enough for you to enjoy the fruits of years of labor. Today, however, every aspect of that dream is under threat: for many, they owe more on their home than it's worth, or they simply cannot afford to buy a home at all; they don't know how they will pay for college; and retirement seems like a hazy fantasy.

Suze Orman joined us to share information from her new book, The Money Class.  She says its time for a serious reconsideration of the "American Dream" what it still holds, what aspects are in need of revision, and how it must be refashioned to fit our lives so that we can once again have faith that our hard work will pay off and that a secure and hopeful future is within our reach.

For more information, visit Suze's website.


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