The Emotional Link Between Food & Money

What if you could free yourself from all the history that comes with your money?  If you could stop feeling badly about the decisions you’ve made--or not made--about investments because you didn’t or couldn’t understand what a financial expert was telling you?  Or could stop the shopping sprees that leave you depleted and ashamed, surrounded by items already in your closet?  Or stop those sleepless nights when you angrily do and redo the budget because you can’t seem to follow it and are now sure you are one step away from catastrophe?

Geneen Roth's new book, Lost and Found: Unexpected Revelations About Food and Money is a memoir about financial free-fall and the experience of recovering from a major money disaster.  It is an intimate and thought-provoking exploration of all the many meanings money has in our lives—largely unconscious and powerful enough to lead to questionable decisions and conflicted emotions. 

Roth, no financial expert by her own admission, had sought out advice over the years from a variety of recommended experts.  The truth: her eyes glazed over at most of what the experts told her and she was rarely able to sustain their advice or even understand its implications.  She drifted along until disaster hit then realized the time had come for her to grapple with how the conversation about money made her feel and act--contracted, defensive, defeated—if she was ever going to be able to get the better of her money demons. 
As Roth observes, “Unless we examine our relationships to money, chances are that we are acting out a world of insufficiency and greed in our daily financial exchanges. And since our feelings and beliefs always manifest in our behaviors and since we can’t separate one part of ourselves from the other parts, we can’t help but carry this greed and deprivation, this shame and fear to every relationship we have and to everything we do.”  
Geneen shared some of the decisions that led to her current path today.


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