Workout While Cooking

Fitness expert Beth Oliver can find a way to work in a workout just about anywhere.  She joined us today with great ideas on how to squeeze in some exercise while we're cooking in the kitchen.

You'll find more from Beth Oliver on this website.


  • Broom rotations and twists- Place broom on shoulders and rotate the upper body from right to left. Do a few repetitions. Then switch to doing side bends with the broom still on shoulders. Do a few repetitions.
  • Hip lifts- Hold on to broom (or counter) for balance. Keep standing leg straight and bend the other leg and lift it behind the body. Do a few repetitions. Switch to other leg and repeat.
  • Broom squats- Place broom on shoulders and do a squat. On the way up do a knee lift while simultaneously pushing the broom above the head. Do a few repitions while alternating legs for the knee lift.
  • Towel lunges- Place towel on floor and put one foot on it. Slide the foot on the towel backwards into a lunge, and then slide back forward into the standing position. Do a few repetitions. Switch the foot on the towel and repeat.
  • Leg lifts- Place towel under one thigh. Grab the towel on each side of the leg and lift up the leg, while bending the knee. Straighten the leg out. Bend knee again and then straighten the leg out. Do a few repetitions. Switch legs and repeat.
  • Towel pushups- Place a towel under each hand. Get in plank position. Slide each hand out simultaneously so your chest lowers towards the floor. Slide the hands back together. Do a few repetitions.


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