Tips for Remembering Everything!

From Day Planners to GPS the 21st century has left us with fewer opportunities to exercise our memories. Moonwalking with Einstein written by Joshua Foer is the story of Foer's journey as a participant in the U.S. Memory Championship. As a science journalist with an average memory, Foer became captivated by the secrets of the competitors, like how the current world memory champion, Ben Pridmore, could memorize the exact order of 1,528 digits in an hour. Foer decided to work on improving his own memory and learned fascinating facts about our brains along the way and some ancient sercets for improving memory. He also learned enough to win the United States Memory Championship in 2006 by memorizing the order of a shuffled deck of cards in just a minute and 40 seconds.The techniques he mastered made it easier to remember information, and his story demonstrates that the tricks of the masters are accessible to anyone.


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