Household Hints

We put your money-saving, creative, and wacky household hints to the test.

  • Dana from Oregon City:  Use those plastic grocery bags for your garbage bags without creating a bigger mess.   Use 3M Command Hooks and stick them upside down on either side of the trashcan.   Hook the handles of the grocery bag over them—it keeps the bag from slipping down inside the trash can.
  • Roy From Sherwood:  To sharpen dull scissors, cut through a sheet of medium grit sandpaper several times.
  • Natalie from The Dalles:  If you don’t have silver polish, ketchup can work to remove tarnish from sterling silver jewelry.   Just apply, let it go to work (can take several hours), then rinse and buff with a soft dry cloth.
  • Drew from Vancouver:  To get the smell of fish or other strong smells like garlic or onions off your hands, wash hands, then take some coffee beans which have been tied in cheesecloth and rub the ball in your hands.  Smells great!
  • Alice from Happy Valley:  Have a bad smell in your refrigerator?  Take a cotton ball, apply a few drops of vanilla extract and place in ‘fridge—will freshen it without harmful chemicals.
  • Emily from Seaside:  To pick up small pieces of broken glass without cutting your fingers, take a slice of bread, tear off the crust, and wad up into a loose ball—then tamp the ball onto the glass shards.
  • John from Battle Ground: To remove fingerprints and minimize water marks on stainless steel appliances, use baby oil.  Just wipe it on, then buff it off with a soft cloth.


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