Work In a Fun Workout This Weekend

Fitness Expert Beth Oliver joined us to show how easy and fun it can be to work in a workout while enjoying your Memorial Day festivities:

Your Memorial Day Picnic Is Better Exercise Than You Might Think!

The trick to making your Memorial Day Picnic a great work-out is to remember these three things: Kick, run and throw! 

All you have to do is play games that feature these things and you will be squatting, lunging, leaning and twisting without even thinking about it. 

  • Play a game of kick the can or just kick a soccer ball around.  You could use objects on hand to set up an obstacle course that you kick the ball through in one direction, and then run back to the start. 
  • Play catch with a ball or a bean bag.  Start close and then move farther away.  Run after the ball when you miss! 
  • Games like badminton are super fun and incorporate your whole body. 
  • Throw some easy to transport things like jump ropes and hula hoops in your car and let your imagination take over.

You’ll be reaping other health benefits along the way, including a nice dose of Vitamin D.  It’s also good for your body to have to adjust to temperature changes and changes in the terrain.  Just make sure to wear your sun screen and drink plenty of water.


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