What's Eating Your Child?

Could what your child is eating be responsible for everything from anxiety to ear infections? Author and nutritionist Kelly Dorfman joined us with her new book "What's Eating Your Child?"

Grounded in cutting-edge science and filled with case studies that read like medical thrillers, What’s Eating Your Child? reveals that what children eat affects how they thrive. There’s in-depth information on the surprising problems caused by gluten-intolerance, and—short of full-blown celiac disease—how difficult it is to diagnose. On why artificial sweeteners are worse than sugar, and why soy milk is a poor substitute for cow’s milk. On how to cure sleep disorders with melatonin, hyperactivity with magnesium, anxiety with fish oil. Parents learn quickly how to become their own nutrition detectives, and how to implement the very simple EAT program to recalibrate their children’s diets. They’ll understand, at last, how to talk with a doctor about nutrition; why to choose organic; how to pick quality vitamins, minerals, probiotics and supplements; and how to get their children off drugs—antiobiotics, laxatives, Prozac, Ritalin—and back to a natural state of well-being.


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