Save Money on Groceries While Eating Healthy

It may be easier to head to the drive-thru to feed your family, but it's not cheaper!  Annie Bennett, founder of My Freedom Fit, joined us to share her story of losing more than 70 pounds without surgery, crash dieting or a crazy exercise plan.  Annie details how she saves money on groceries while still eating healthy:

  1. Be prepared! Save time and money by choosing your meals in advance for the coming week and create a shopping list based on that. This will avoid impulse buying and those last minute trips to the grocery store.
  2. Stock up on non-perishable foods and meats. Always look for sales on meat in your local grocers’ advertisements and stock up. Canned vegetables and beans make great last minute meal and side dish options.
  3. Buy in season and local. Along with meats, berries can be frozen for later enjoyment. In addition, ask your grocer if they purchase produce from local farmers. You may be paying hefty delivery costs.
  4. Limit your processed foods. From Oreos to cereal, these items may not only help pack on the pounds, but have you paying extra for processing and packaging. Stick to fruits and veggies for snacks and oatmeal and eggs for breakfast. In addition, if boneless, skinless chicken breasts are out of your price range, choose a whole chicken instead.
  5. Use your leftovers. Avoid the unhealthy fast food drive-thru’s by saving your leftovers. Be creative; if you are having grilled, marinated chicken breasts for dinner, throw the leftovers on a salad for lunch the next day.

For more great ways to be healthy, lose weight and increase your exercise, visit Annie's website.


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