Melt-Free Summer Makeup

Makeup Artist Kendra Stanton joined us today with tips for keeping our makeup looking fresh -- even on the hottest summer days.  Check out Kendra's information-packed blog.

This is what Kendra has to say about melt-free summer makeup:

It’s never a pretty thing when you steal a glance of yourself in the mirror only to find your makeup dancing down your face, making puddles in less than ideal places. To make sure this does not happen again, many of us find ourselves on an endless quest to find products that stay put -- regardless of the weather, your emotional status, or even watching The Notebook.
Here are some products that will help you avoid makeup puddles this summer!

Foundation Primer  Using a foundation primer is an absolute must to keep your foundation going strong throughout the day. I was recently introduced to Koh Gen Do Cosmetics -- a high-definition line easy to obsessed over. They have wonderful primers that also double as a color corrector and they help keep oil and shine off of the places you don’t want to be shiney!  If you have never tried a foundation primer, Summer is the perfect time to start.


Long-lasting foundation  It is important to choose a long-lasting foundation that will stay put throughout the day. It is also important to choose one that does the above, and still looks natural and not cakey. I love the High Def. Koh Gen Do moisture foundation because it is tested to stay on the skin for 10 hours all while still looking fresh and beautiful. Also the HD technology in this foundation is simply amazing

Waterproof bronzer  I have never seen a waterproof and weatherproof bronzer until I started this quest for smudge/melt-proof makeup. Check out Too Faced Aqua Bunny! I have been wearing this non stop since I got it. It is a water resistant cream to powder bronzer that is a deep bronze color.  This bronzer also is not going anywhere through out the day! Did I mention it smells like a tropical paradise and is extremely easy to apply?

Eye-shadow primer  Though I once believed eye-shadow primer was a waste of my hard-earned money, I have come to discover this is not the case. It is actually more like magic. Why? Because it eliminates the need to re-apply eye shadow every other hour throughout the day. Too Faced makes one of the best shadow primers called Shadow Insurance! What an appropriate name for this product!  It made my shadows look more intense and rich in color too.


Waterproof eye-liner  To avoid black liner streaking down your face this summer, use a waterproof liner. A very good one that is also very cheap, is the Loreal Telescopic Precision liquid waterproof liner. It stays put all day -- even while out swimming -- and really compares well to the more expensive Makeup Forever waterproof liner that came out recently. 
Waterproof mascara  One of the best tests for any product’s staying power is watching a tear jerker flick. Too Faced waterproof lash injection is simply amazing! I am usually very leery of waterproof because they tend to be stiff. But not this one, I was able to layer it and it did not budge at all while swimming. But more than that, my eyelashes did look near fake and yet it was still easy to take off.

Lip stain   If you really want your lipstick to be hassle free, avoid the lipstick all together. Check out the Revlon Just Bitten lip stain. This stuff is amazing at tinting, and also gives you a moisturizing stick on the other end to ensure yummy lips that stay through any weather and kiss.

Vichey Water   After all of your makeup is done and finished, check out Vichey water. It really helps to set your foundation and gives you a quick burst of a refreshing mist. 



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