Calming a Crying Baby

How do you know if your crying baby has colic? Pediatrician Dr. George Bengston had advice for spotting the signs of colic and offered some techniques frazzled parents can use to calm their baby and themselves!

The first five months of all newborns' life comes with periods of unsoothable crying and some babies cry longer than others. This period can be identified by the acronym PURPLE. If your baby is in this period you can talk to your doctor to rule out a medical cause and then try holding your child, walking with him and getting help for yourself so you can calm down.

P - Peak crying occurs between 2 and 5 months of age
U - Crying is unpredictable, coming and going for no reason
R - The baby resists soothing
P - The baby looks as if he's in pain, but you can't find a cause
L - The periods of crying are long, up to two hours each
E - Crying tends to occur in the evening or the late afternoon


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