RWPC: Super Simple Water-Saving Tips

When we save water, we not only help the earth, we save money too!  Sonja Johnson, with the Regional Water Providers Consortium, shared her super simple water-saving tips:

  1. Set your sprinklers appropriately so it’s watering the landscape and not the cement.  Improper watering – i.e.: over-watering, run-off can waste up to 50% of your water.
  2. Don't Overwater:  use a tuna can or watering gauge and a timer.  Overwatering is the #1 water waster.  On average, lawns need approximately 1” of water a week.  The tuna can or watering gauge will help determine to measure your 1"..
  3. Use a hose nozzle w/ shut-off valve can save approx. 5 -7 gallons per minute.  Same true for washing your car. 
  4. Use a broom instead of a hose to clean your driveway or sidewalk.  It’s good exercise and saves lots of water.
  5. Set your mower blades one notch higher.  A taller lawn provides shade to the roots and helps retain soil moisture.
  6. Check your irrigation system and hoses for leaks.  A pinhole size leak (1/32”) can waste over 6,000 gallons of water per month.

For more great tips -- including how to read your water meter and fix a leaking toilet -- check out the Regional Water Providers Consortium website.


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