Soccer Mom Workout

Fitness Expert Beth Oliver can find a way to work in a workout anywhere.  She stopped by today with a great workout we can do while our kids are at soccer practice this fall.

There isn't enough time to drop the kids off, get to the gym, do a workout and come back.  So instead of standing or sitting around and chatting why not take advantage off the nice fall weather and get a little exercise in.  You can still watch your child practice. You could even round up the other moms to get busy with you.  Here's an example:
1.  Take a moderately paced walk around the soccer field, facing in towards the field so that you can watch your child.  Do the following stretches:

  • Lateral lean
  • Standing cat/cow
  • Plie with rotation
  • Standing hip
  • Standing hamstring
  • Standing calf

2.  Take a brisker walk around the field.  Stand where you can keep an eye on the action and do:

  • 24 squats
  • 24 lunges on each leg
  • Do these with hands behind head


 3.  Walk 1/4 of the way around, then jog lightly for the next quarter.  Repeat. Facing the field do:

  • 8-12 walking push-ups

4. Either walk or jog around the field one more time.  Then do:

  • Warrior 2 with standing abdominal work

This is a great way to work in a little cardio, upper and lower body work, abs and stretching.  You don't need anything special, as long as you have on comfortable shoes.  You'll save on gas money because you won't be driving back and forth and you'll be setting a good example too!


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