What's Your Name Really Mean?

Your name tells others more about you than you think!  Kerrie Hopkins, onomalogist and author of the new book, Breaking the Name Code, joined us to share how your name reveals insights into your personality traits-- both good and bad.

She also analyzed the contestants and their partners on this season of "Dancing with the Stars":

  • Hope Solo & Maksim Chmerkovskiy This soccer player knows how to kick balls to win a championship – but she’ll have to kick some more to win the Mirror Trophy. That’s because her partner Maks is the kind of guy who should be wrapped in caution tape:  the smooth talker your mom warned you about. A Maks is a fun-loving, prank-pulling, daring, anything goes kind of guy. Leaving Hope alone in a dance studio with "Maksim" is like leaving your pet to vacation with a taxidermist – dangerous to his or her health!  A Hope is a complete sweetheart who just wants to be a part of a team, so her first name will give her the heart to put in all of the extra practice time needed to please her partner Maks. But it’s her last name “Solo” that gives her the stubborn, smart competitive spirit to challenge Maks to make her the best and that will give them the edge to win this competition.
  • Robert Kardashian & Cheryl Burke Based on his name, a “Rob”is a charmer who just can’t resist a good-looking woman. So I’m guessing a hot brunette wearing three wash cloths stitched together with dental floss will get his attention. While I can't predict how good his dance moves will be, his "pick-up" lines are going to get a whole lot of practice.
  • Ron Artest & Peta Murgatroyd  Ron’s last name is what’s going to show up in this competition--it’s all showmanship. This NBA player will be a daredevil, risk taker and hopefully Peta’s costumes will be made of protective bubble wrap, because an Artest will try anything once. He has a competitive nature, so expect his partner Peta to be twirled, hurled and possibly bench pressed. If he changes his name to “Metta World Peace” during the competition as he says he will, he’ll be less dare-devil, more “over the top” center of attention, smarter and more fortunate than he is as a Ron Artest! I think his chances of staying in the competition will improve with the name change.
  • Chaz Bono & Lacey Schwimmer  A Chaz is bold yet wants to be loved. He'll be a total chatter box and will talk Lacey's ear off during rehearsals which will drive her nuts. Plus he'll be stubborn. A Lacey relies on her wit to repair the damage caused by things not going her way which should come in handy when Chaz realizes his dance moves look more like Fred Flintstone than Fred Astair.
  • Nancy Grace & Tristan McManus  Based on her name, a Nancy is a sweetheart--a kind, loyal friend.  A Grace is a sarcastic, “game for anything,” partier who doesn’t listen to her critics. All I can say is with a partner named Tristan, he’ll be easy with Nancy at first, but if she lasts past a couple of rounds, his need to attempt bold, daring, gravity-defying feats in hopes of setting himself apart from his competition will consume him... and let's just hope Nancy’s health insurance company doesn't drop her before Tristan does!
  • Elisabetta Canalis and Val Chmerkovskiy  Both love to be looked at. They’re going to want to move into their dance studio--just for the mirrors! In fact Val might want to glue a mirror on his forehead if he wants Elisabetta’s complete attention! Val is independent and needs to be right so Elisabetta better not disagree with him. Elisabetta needs to be adored and admired constantly, so he better keep the compliments flowing or she’ll be crying her false eyelashes off in no time. An Elisabetta just loves to look good and absolutely LOVES shopping, so if Val expects to spend quality time with her he should expect to hold some practice sessions in a Dolce & Gabbana dressing room.
  • Kristen Cavallari and Mark Ballas  When God gives you a Mark Ballas as your dance partner it's like God’s apology for giving you a fiancé who dumped you publicly. She really lucked out with Mark.  A “Mark” is a terrific teacher--kind, non-confrontational and GREAT at memorization. This team will work well together some of the time because their last names share some of the same traits:  that’s when they’ll laugh together and she’ll be observing his moves & copying them-- she’s great at that. BUT then the rest of her last name can make her a good-looking, equal-opportunity migraine headache.  While Mark will have to tell Kristen what to do, a Kristen doesn’t like to be told what to do. So unless he can find a way to teach her to dance telepathically there are going to be fireworks.
  • Ricki Lake & Derek Hough  Interesting combo! A "Ricki" can be fun but she’s going to be ALL about two things--herself and money. That’s all we’re going to hear about: how hard it is, how she never expected how hard it would be on her, me, me, blah blah and how much she wants the money.  Derek on the other hand is a dare devil--he’s all personality and show.  He’s there to win and he's not opposed to try anything he's seen work in a cartoon, so they’re not well matched as a team but they’ll be the ones to watch in the best drama category!
  • J.R. Martinez & Karina Smirnoff  J.R. (along with Hope) will be the hardest working celeb. He’ll earn every one of his votes. He’s all about hard work and earning respect, but his last name is all about socializing and not missing out on any of the fun.  He’ll be burning the candle at both ends! He’ll love Karina’s creative flair and willingness to do risky moves.  These two will work great together as a team--they know when to work and they know when to play.
  • Carson Kressley & Anna Trebunskaya  Some stars request perks like deluxe trailers or blue M&M's, but I'm guessing Carson is going to ask for extra-strength ear plugs. He'll love how Anna is so charming, but it will drive him nuts how much Anna talks. A Carson is a nice guy, but a “Kressley” isn't big on conversation which isn’t focused on him. So once he gathers the information he needs to pull off the dance moves, he’ll completely tune out which is where those earplugs will come in handy. On the upside, Anna’s last name gives her the need to rescue people and gives her tons of compassion. Carson totally will respond to this part of Anna’s personality. But Anna’s going to think the Kressley part of him is human crazy glue.
  • Chynna Phillips & Tony Dovolani  She'll love Tony.  Based on his name, he'll be charming, capable and will always have a "Plan B".  So if she can't learn the dance one way, he'll figure out another way to teach her. He’ll love that she’s extra observant, so she’ll catch onto what he’s trying to teach her, then her silly side will laugh when she can’t make the move look the way he made it look. Good news for them: Chynna’s last name makes her lucky! So expect them to get a better song choice or easier dance choice than others or the phone lines will accidentally forward all of Elisabetta’s votes to Chynna’s!
  • David Arquette & Kym Johnson  David’s first name suggests he’s social, daring, a leader and focused on setting himself apart from his competition. His last name is perfect for a performer.  It suggests he's cocky, silly and loves being the center of attention. So put the whole name together and he’s “Captain Super Fun.” He’ll have the drive and the presence to give the absolute best performance his abilities can possibly warrant. A "Kym" is good looking and very good at communicating, so if he wants to learn she’ll be a great teacher.

To find out more, visit Kerrie's website.


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