Becoming Your Mother

Susan Kane-Ronning, a licensed psychologist specializing in children and families, is also the author of the memoir Mirror, Mirror on the Wall: I Am My Mother After All. It is a story about an entangled relationship between a brilliant and talented mother and the patriarchal oppression within her family. The book depicts Susan's mother’s journey from an abusive childhood with a cruel and crazed father and her struggle to achieve and flourish despite adversity. It tracks the author's quest for enlightenment, given the gifts of intuitive intelligence and insatiable curiosity.

Susan also shared tips for improving the complicated relationship between mothers and daughters.

1.            Be curious during conflict; ask questions
2.            Stay non-defensive and unhooked
3.            Pay attention to somatic responses (voluntary muscle responses); breathe
4.            Use insight to try to see situations from both sides
5.            Accept differences, rather than try to change the other
6.            Use situation as opportunity for learning and growth


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