Embrace Getting Older

When it comes to getting older, make life an adventure. Laure Redmond, self-esteem coach and author of Feel Good Naked, joined us to share how you can live an inspired life at any age by applying these seven steps:

  1. You Can Only be YOU ~ Nothing More, Nothing Less  Take stock of your strengths to fill the voids in your life. If you’re not sure what they are, ask a good friend. When you know what you have to offer yourself, your family and the world, your life has more purpose.
  2. Let Go of the Bad to Make Room for the Good The moment you say goodbye to what-- or who-- isn’t working in your life, blessings start flowing.
  3. Silence is the Start  Noise strongly affects our emotions, nervous systems, and physiology. Don’t be afraid to be alone and quiet-- that’s when the voices of truth and clarity appear.
  4. The Birth of a Belief   A belief is a pattern of thought—a phrase or message that gets repeated in our minds enough times to make it stick. Similar to technological software, your beliefs become the inner operating system that directs the course of your life. Freedom comes with the realization that the thoughts we think, the words we speak and the actions we take determine our life experiences.
  5. Think ALIVE Instead of OLD  Every single day we are on this planet is a gift, don’t waste time dwelling on the things you can’t change.
  6. Kill your Technology, if Only for a Weekend  The human body was never designed for the modern postindustrial environment we now live in. We are constantly overwhelmed by information and stimulation, which promotes social isolation and affects our emotional and physical health in unhealthy ways.
  7. Freedom of Choice & Voice Growing out of the tendency to say yes even when we desperately want to say no can be challenging because we assume that others will reject us for our assertiveness; it’s just the opposite-- everyone respects honesty-- even when it hurts.

For more on improving your mind-body health, visit Laure's website.


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