"The Things You Would Have Said"

Her website -- The Things You Would Have Said -- offers people a place to get things off their chest.  Since she started the website in 2009, a lot has changed for Jackie Hooper -- including a book deal based on the letters from her website.

Jackie stopped by to tell us what she's learned from those letters:

  1. Struggle is universal   It's okay to be vulnerable.   Other people are just like you in your struggles.   We don’t need to hide our feelings or feel like we should be over something if we aren't.   Many people write about high school battles or fighting with parents or feeling hopeless after a spouse has died. You might feel like you're the only one dealing with your problem until you read letters from others and see that everyone else is struggling with something similar, and it doesn't make you feel so left out.
  2. The little things matter    So many people remember the little details of fights, of last moments, of fun times with loved ones, etc. It's important to pay attention to those little moments.
  3. Appreciate the ones you love    Tell people how you feel, thank people for things, don't assume they know how much you love or care for them, remember the good things they've done for you and/or positive aspects of their lives.
  4. Don't go to bed angry     Don't wait for them to come to you first, encourage talking it out, ignore the temptation to be stubborn.
  5. There is value in your voice    Getting it out and off your chest is healing, it gives you confidence and a new perspective.  Speaking up helps others and inspires them to do the same.


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