Feel Good Friday with Laure Redmond

By AMNW Intern

So often we nurture others, but forget to mother ourselves. Here to help us learn how was self-esteem coach and author of Feel Good Naked, Laure Redmond.

Below are some of her tips:

How to be a good mother to YOURSELF

1. Design your own unique life and don't give up when things get hard.
2. Speak gently to yourself when you make a mistake.
3. Follow your heart. Pay far more attention to what *you* think than what everyone else thinks and don't ever let anyone or anything put limits on you. The most important relationship you'll ever have is with you.
4. Send yourself outside to play in the fresh air and sunshine on a regular basis.
5. Build your courage muscles: Learn to water ski, ask someone out on a date, go for that promotion you keep hoping for, learn to dance, take a public speaking class. Small acts of courage strengthen your ability to take even bigger leaps later on.
6. Give yourself permission to take a nap or put yourself to bed early before you feel overtired.
7. Don't go to the hardware store for milk. When you're excited about doing something or trying to make an important decision, make sure you turn to those people who will encourage you to take a chance - the ones who believe in you rather than those who will tell you why something won't work.
8. Take a “time out” when you feel frustrated, angry or impatient so you can settle down and think clearly.
9. Teach yourself to share things like household chores with other family members or extra work with co-workers at your job.


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