Creating a Platinum Christmas

By AM Northwest Staff

Although most us us approach the holidays with a good attitude, sometimes, many time, the season fails to live up to our expectations.

We had Steve Fulmer, life success coach, on set to help us learn how to have a truly memorable holiday.



Three key points:

1) Name it! Quite literally write down a description of how you want the holidays to go, how you want to feel and what you absolutely want to experience to feel good about it. Then ask those you are spending the holidays with, such as your family, to do the same. Then share and collaborate on how you each can help the other achieve their desires. This isn't your Santa list, this is your experience list.

2) Separate traditions from habits. Habits have an obligatory aspect to them with no meaning or understanding as to why. A real traditions carries the meaning with it and you know why you do it: "This is the Christmas side dish that our family has made for 17 generations and came to this country with my great, great, great, great.......grandmother in 1492 on the Mayflower" And every time you make it, someone tells the story. It has meaning.

3) Give yourself and others permission to say no to each other in a sincere and polite way. If something does not align with the experience you or they want to have this year, say so, without the judgment or comparisons. Simply appreciate the offer, if you want, explain why and then find a way to honor that person at another time. Perhaps you have a dinner with them in the New Year.

It all comes back to treating people the way they want to be treated, ESPECIALLY YOURSELF, by asking what they want and honoring that even if it means saying no.

For more information on Steve Fulmer's Personal Coaching and Workshops, call 503-526-2011.

His next workshop is on January 18 called "LifeQuest Mapping", the workshop makes a great stocking stuffer and he has gift certificates available if you would like to give the gift of self discovery and happiness to a loved one.


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