Feel Good Friday

By AM Northwest Staff

We had Laure Redmond, author of "Feel Good Naked" back on the show for "Feel Good Friday"!

This time Laure shared Holiday Sanity Savers.

Here were her tips:

It's no secret that most people feel overwhelmed, stressed and anxious during the frenzied holiday season. The good news is that you can turn cranky into joyful with Laure’s helpful sanity saving strategies
1. Get connected instead of fat.
Instead of spending all of your social energy at parties over-eating and drinking, invite a friend, who you know is interested in a healthy lifestyle, to meet you 3-5 times a week for an hour walk. You’ll be so addicted to this healthy ritual by the New Year that you won’t need to shave off the extra pounds, since you won’t have gained the weight.
2. Keep your home clutter free by immediately throwing away all of the unnecessary catalogues and junk mail. As well, organize your gifts, wrapping paper, etc. in clearly labeled boxes. An organized home provides less anxiety and will allow you to truly relax when you get home after shopping, working or socializing.
3. Avoid high carbohydrate meals, which are the surest way to spike your insulin levels, which takes too much sugar out of your blood, creating a crash-burn effect. Create meals that include a salad or vegetable dish along with a small amount of protein. And remember, a latte is not a meal replacement.
4. Spend quality time with a canine or feline.
5. Shop online and do it now so you’re not scrambling to buy last minute gifts.
6. Be prepared for those interactions that set you back by knowing what you want to say to that person when they appear. Also, a glass of wine helps during tense, obligatory get-togethers.
7. Take nights off from socializing and go to the gym instead. While there, hit the sauna or steam room to truly decompress tension.
8. No Leno or laptops when trying to fall asleep, instead, be quiet for 10 minutes and take your mind through relaxing meditations.

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