Holiday Grief

By AM Northwest Staff

Here are some tips:

  1. Stop the Madness – sign cards, scale down lights, don’t be a masochist (remember, when you’re stressed, so is your family)
  2. Evoke your childhood - gingerbread, Pittock Mansion, Queen Anne House, Portland Speedway.
  3. Don’t compare years – change music, do something different (like vacation).
  4. Don’t be alone – find family, volunteer, sit in public (nice display in Ikea).
  5. Have a BUDGET – give backrubs, favors coupons instead
  6. Relax / Exercise – let the house go, go walking (zoolights, Peacock Lane, Gladstone).
  7. Alcohol is a depressant (Bacchus is the god of both inspiration and chaos)

Holiday Depression:

  1. Stop the madness
  2. Evoke your childhood
  3. Don’t compare years
  4. Don’t be alone
  5. Have a BUDGET
  6. Relax / Exercise
  7. Alcohol is a depressant

New Leaves Clinic is a mental health boutique that serves children, adults and couples. To learn more about Dr. Michael Friedrichs or New Leaves Clinic, please call 503-274-0996, or visit their comprehensive website.


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