Daddy Bonding

By AM Northwest Staff

How to Build a Strong Dad & Baby Bond

We had Melissa Moog, Baby Planning Expert and Founder of Itsabelly Baby Concierge, in the studio.

With a newborn it's perfectly natural to see that mom and baby are attached at the hip due to regular feedings and diaper changes every few hours.  Baby was in mommy's tummy for 9 months so their bond is sealed from day one!  It's easy for dad to feel left out during the newborn phase.  So, how does dad get involved and bond with baby too?

Here are some easy tips for dad so that bonding with baby starts early:

  • If combo feeding, dad can feed baby a bottle or have him help with burping
  • Develop a schedule where dad takes the night or weekend shift to take care of baby
  • Have dad do some diaper changing - talking to baby and making eye contact during this time is a good way to bond
  • Give dad his alone time with baby to develop his own method of bonding while also giving mom a break
  • Allow dad to develop his own bonding ritual (dad can take baby for walks, sing to baby or go for soothing car rides)
  • Dad can read a bedtime story to baby and put her to sleep for the evening
  • Dad can be involved with helping bathe baby
  • Dad can use a baby sling and hold her close during an easy hike for some exercise
  • Don't hover over dad when he's taking care of baby - give him some space
  • Try not to just hand a crying baby over to dad after he gets home from a long day at work - give him a little time to un-wind

You can contact Melissa at 503-799-5719 or visit her website.


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