Habits For Success

By AM Northwest Staff

Best Habits for Success - Life Success Coach Shawna Schuh has this advice for having a successful 2008.

Here are some of her tips:

  1. Get up earlier – like 5 AM
  2. Wake up grateful – 3 things
  3. Turn off the TV at set point each night – NOT FALLING ASLEEP WITH IT ON
  4. Best habit – only watch AMNW -
  5. Read something or write something good in bed-
    1. Heartwarming stories
    3. Write what went well
    4. Write what you are grateful for
  6. Before sleep set your intention "I will wake up refreshed and energized"
  7. Breathe – which pulls your body up – show "The Breath" in action
  8. Tap water rules – half your body weight in oz – a good habit is not to drink bottled water because of the cost and what it is doing to the planet
  9. Ask "h ow" not " why " questions
  10. Tell people you love them, care for them, or are thinking about them

Shawna has a "Create Your Ultimate Year" Seminar this Thursday - January 17th from 8-noon at The Ambridge Event Center located at 300 NE Multnomah Street in Portland to sign up call 503-662-3044 or click here.


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