The Gloomiest Day Of The Year

By AM Northwest Staff



 Today we spoke with psychotherapist, Louise Lague, who offered solution to battling winter gloom.





 Solutions to battling winter gloom:

  1. Brighten your environment. Replace dead lightbulbs, switch to a higher wattage, build a fire in the fireplace. When the sun peeks out, go outside and get 20 minutes of natural vitamin D. Bring spring flowers into the house, wear bright colors.
  2. If debt is a problem, switch to cash instead of credit cards to discourage buying what you can’t afford. Clean out cupboards and closets to discover supplies you’d forgotten about . Taking on an additional temporary job or money making project will fill the coffers and distract you as well. Think of ways to save money, and write down how you save each day.
  3. Why do you have nothing to anticipate? Plan a trip or a party with friends. They all feel the same way.
  4. Resolutions are often about difficult problems that take a long time. (Diet, exercise, etc.) Take several days off from worrying about this, and set a date to start again within a week.
  5. Start a project that involves doing something you love…whether it’s a craft project, a class you’ve wanted to take, or just that list of movies you’ve always wanted to see.
  6. Bring laughter in. Go to a comedy club, rent funny movies, call your most entertaining friends. Whatever it takes to start you laughing, do it!

Louise Lague, MA NCC, is a psychotherapist at Portland Hills Mind and Body Center. She is now accepting new clients! You can reach her at 503-292-6518.


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