Stop Shoulding Yourself

By AM Northwest Staff



 We had Life Success Coach Steve Fulmer on the show today. He says that sometimes the biggest culprit in the destruction of our resolutions is a simple word.  Language such as “should” or “have to” or “must” or “don’t” can do more damage than the busiest of calendars or the love of chocolate. How we talk to and around ourselves can empower or undermine so much.




Here are some tips from Steve:

 1)       Be Conscious:  Be conscious of the language you use. Replace words such as should, ought to, must and have to with want, get to, and can.

2)       Choose Freedom: Remember, in order to truly be free enough to chose what you want, you have to be free enough to not want it sometimes.  In other words, to truly be able to “want” to exercise, you have to be able to NOT want to exercise and accept early on, that not wants may supersede wants. 

3)       Own Your Truth:  Where you want to be is not a condemnation of where you are.  Where you are is simply a starting point.

Steve is going to be having a Lifequest Mapping on February 29th from 9am-4pm.

For more information you can contact him at 503-526-2011.



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