Karen LaVoie for the "Work Less, Play More"

By AM Northwest Staff

Life Success Coach, Karen LaVoie, had ideas about how to work less and play more.

How to work less, play more and still have the same income...possibly more!

Step 1: Prioritize your day. What really requires your attention? Keep your list SHORT.

Step 2: Complete the most demanding task first and leave the easiest for last It takes more focus and energy to do the most demanding and most demanding is the one the usually sabotages a person from "starting" their day.

Step 3: Schedule play time into your schedule. What would make you happy each day to be able to experience or the end of the week? Be realistic in the beginning you become better at prioritizing, you will be able to play more!

Step 4: Realize the human being drags out its work when there is no reward for finishing in a timely and efficient manner. The human feels ALL it's time must be filled with something to do! So, it sabotages itself into doing busy work, working slow and/or procrastinating. We have all been able to get something done in 1/2 the time when a bigger priority arose. Usually one we are excited about and are looking forward to.

Step 5: Live your dream! Your passion will keep you focused and on task, and it will seem like you are playing on those longer days.

Applying these steps will cut your work load down by at least 15%. That is at least 6 more hours a week. What will you do with 6 extra hours? Really discipline your self, stay focused and give yourself rewards of play time and the hours will start adding up. You will save money because you are not buying comfort purchases i.e.: clothes, gadgets, cars, food... Your health will get better, relationships will get better and you will enjoy your new found happiness.

Go for it! YOU deserve to PLAY.

Karen has a Beyond the Illusion into Self Actualization *IAM Oneness" Workshop & Seminar on April 26th from 9am to 5pm, sponsored by Mastering Your World Institute. The seminar will take place on 1336 SW Falcon Street, Portland, Oregon 97219.

For information call 503-312-0913.


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