Moms Energize Yourself!

By AM Northwest Staff

If you're one of those moms who is super busy and feeling completely drained, we've got some help to re-energize your life with personal coach and body work therapist, Savannah Mayfield.

Here are some tips she gave:

Busy mothers are searching for balance while juggling mothering, relationships, career, and finding time for self-care. Often they feel overwhelmed and exhausted.

Part One: Get rid of the energy drains!

  1. Track your time to see where it is currently going. You have 24 hours in each day and make choices every moment about what to do with your precious time. Compare where your time is actually going to your priorities.
  2. Let go of some of the "shoulds" and "have-to’s". Often, resisting the things you think you should do (but don’t want to do) takes up a lot time. Also, letting go of some of the "shoulds" frees up time for what you really want to be doing!
  3. Get rid of the guilt: negative thoughts and unresolved issues are taxing, taking up lots of mental energy. Learn from past mistakes, acknowledge what happened and then move forward.
  4. Say NO! If it is not an absolute yes, then don’t say yes!

 Part Two: Recharge your energy!

  1. Take mini vacations (30 minutes) read a book, visit with a friend, go for a walk, lay in the tub. Instead of doing dishes, paying bills or checking email.
  2. Practice relaxation for five minutes every day. (Stretching, deep breathing, meditating, praying)
  3. Laugh/Play: with your partner, with your kids and just with yourself!

For more information about classes and workshops that savannah offers please click here or would like to chatt with her, here's her number 503-473-4754.


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