Top 5 Signs You've Let Yourself Go

By AM Northwest Staff

Today we spoke with Life Coach, Stephanie Somanchi, MBA, who had advice for people who may not have realized they've been letting go of themselves.

Stephanie has a workshop "Live Your Best!" on February 23, 2008. For reservations please call 503.372.5208 or go to Stephanie's website.

Here are the Top 5 Signs You've Let Yourself Go:

  1. Under & Outer Appearance! Your bra straps are stretched out or your underwear has holes. Not to mention, your hair and your clothes are living in another decade.

    Unfit undergarments reflect how you treat yourself and reveal what you believe you deserve. Underwear sets the foundation for you and your clothing. Your clothing is a statement about how you feel about yourself. Your appearance is a representation of who you are, how you wish to be treated. If you are fresh and growing you will be adjusting your classic style. The way you choose to look is a representation of how you feel about yourself. Purge your closet, and refresh the basics (including a bra fitting). Get some assistance towards a refreshed look.

  2. Exercise & Health. You don’t exercise regularly or watch what goes in your mouth.

             Health is key to feeling good, looking good, and having long term vitality. If you haven't invested in an exercise and healthful eating program you have neglected yourself. Start with small changes and build towards your greater health.

  1. Life Building. You haven’t moved towards a dream in more than 5 years and you haven’t ch anged an opinion more than 10 years.

    You are not actively thinking and growing. It is important to have opinions grow and change, as you build in knowledge about your world. Dormant dreams mean you aren’t taking action. What is it that you can do today to make a small move towards your desires?

  2. Money Madness. Your money is a mess. You don’t know exactly what you owe and don’t want to look. Your bills are late or you hold your money so tight you haven’t bought a new toothbrush in years.

    Money is very much a reflection of how you treat yourself. If you are a big spender, a "fritterer", or a tight-wad, you’re not living your best. It is time to get real and take a look at the numbers. Being willing to see the whole picture, puts you in the position to make changes and ask for help.

  3. Clutter – Messy House. Your home is overrun with stuff, mess and clutter. Take note if you can’t find what you have, or keep what you don’t need, or leave it out and undone.

If you are unkind to the objects around you, you are likely unkind to yourself. Clear out a small drawer to start, and move outward. Making physical space for yourself allows you to make emotional space.

Stephanie is going to be having a "Live Your Best" workshop on Feb. 23rd. Please call: 503-372-5208.


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