Successful Single Parenting

By AM Northwest Staff

Susan Vargo is a successful single mother of two children, Charlie (11) and Ellie (8), and has been divorced for seven years. She is a former life coach for single parents and the creator of a website for families called She is currently working on a book about family rituals based on her own family’s experience. She believes that being a single parent is one of the greatest opportunities for personal growth and empowerment and loves helping other single parents learn how to do the journey with courage and success.

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Successful Single Parents...

  • Don’t view themselves as victims or their family as broken . They don’t give in to the negative statistics about divorced kids. They have a vision of their children growing up well-adjusted and happy. They create a new family identity and family unity through family rituals.
  • Set an intention to thrive – the stories of blame, worry, fear and bitterness-- so they can free up their energy to be proactive in creating a thriving family. They do this by processing their feelings through counseling, journaling, support groups or single parent friends.
  • Minimize their negative thinking so they can take care of their kids. They find ways to feed their spirit and take time to get quiet and hear guidance to solve their problems.
  • Take good care of themselves , a "village" of people with whom they give and receive logistical help and emotional support.
  • Form a strong network . Children need extra attention and guidance through the divorce transition. Successful single parents are like a raft, being stable and present enough to carry the children through choppy waters. They make time to fill their children’s "love tanks" so the children feel validated and empowered.
  • Prioritize being present for the children . They accept that they have challenges and optimistically seek solutions. They create a stable, joy-filled, loving family, no matter how many or how few members are in it.


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