Household Hints

By AM Northwest Staff

Today we had our favorite "Household Hints" segment with viewer tips!

Here are the hints:

Ziploc Bags: You can use them to store panty hose--You simply cut off the tag on the hose naming the size, style, and brand, and then you place them into the bag. This way they are organized and won't snag. You can also use ziploc bags to store your precious cargo. Don't have bubble wrap? Just place a straw into the the ziploc bag, blow it up, and then close the bag. This way you can protect fragile items by placing them in between the blown up bags.

Newpaper: Newspaper can be used to ripen tomatoes. Simply wrap the tomatoes in newspaper and let them sit out at room temperature. You can also use balled up pieces of newspaper to deoderize vegetable drawers or food containers. One more use for newspaper is to wrap a child's gfit in the Sunday Comics, or wrap an engagement gift with the wedding announcements section.

Coffee filter: You can use a coffee filter to filter out wine with a broken cork. Just set the coffee filter in a glass and pour the wine in.

Velcro: Velcro can be used to remove pills from those pesky pilly sweaters. Simply take the rougher part of the velcro and remove the pills.

Baking soda and vinegar: You can use baking soda and vinegar to remove clogs from the drain. Just mix a 1/2 to 1 cup of baking soda and vinegar together and let sit for 5 minutes, preferrably covered. Then simply pour down the drain and follow up with boiling water.

Check out the video to see these tips in action!


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